A symphony of soothing warmth, fragrant essences and gentle light

In our three saunas you will be able to find yourself. It is well known that the sauna has a positive impact on our health, but it is also favorable to the healthy state of mind. It relaxes, relieves, and is finally suggesting you.

Our relax area with loungers and a corner with healthy herbal teas and fresh fruit rounds off your perfect spa experience.

--- Our opening times: daily 3:30 PM - 07:00 PM

Finnish Sauna

The contrast between the dry heat of the air and the sparkling coolness of the water is the heart of the traditional Scandinavian care ritual. Skin and body will be cleaned and regenerated.

Sauna with mountain herbs

This gentle sauna variant enjoys an increasing popularity. The pleasant climate and comfortably warm temperatures are also suitable for tender minds.

Turkish steam bath

The elements of low temperatures and high humidity merged with native herbs and flower aromas are bringing you to a relaxing and exciting experience. The visit of our Turkish steam bath is increasing the subjective well-being. It may prevent muscle tension and stimulates the circulation of the skin. The skin aging is ...