Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Braies

to delve into the Fanes area is much more than an ordinary mountain-climbing expedition...

The Fanes Sennes Prags / Fanes Sennes Braies Nature Park begins in Toblach/Dobbiaco and extends far into the Gader Valley / Val Badia.
One immediately senses the remoteness and purity of this Alpine world. Here you will hear the Ladin language, an ancient Rhaeto-Romance tongue which has survived to the present day in only a few remote valleys of this region. The special fascination of the pale mountains memorialized in numerous Ladin myths and legends can still be experienced. You'll see: To delve into the Fanes area is much more than an ordinary mountain-climbing expedition.

Lago di Braies - Pragser Wildsee
The lake of Braies is the largest natural lake in the Dolomites and, at 36m, one of the deepest. According to ancient legend, barbarians dug in the mountains for gold and precious stones. The local herdsmen were jealous and tried to steal the treasures. They were unsuccessful because the barbarians opened up an underground spring and sunk their treasures in the lake that the spring created. The lake is an all year round attraction - in summer, when it reflects all shades of blue and green, rowing boats can be hired to reach the southern shore of the lake, as was the only means up to 100 years ago. Now there is a path all the way around the lake which makes for a pleasant one hour's stroll. The water in the lake is crystal clear and clean and attracts those swimmers brave enough to risk its icy temperatures, although it can reach 14°. Those who prefer a more relaxed life can chill out with a spot of fishing. In winter Lago di Braies is magically covered with ice and snow. Whichever season, this jewel of a place is the starting point for hikes, ski tours, snowshoe hikes and walks.

At the Nature Park Building at the Grand Hotel Cultural Center in Toblach/Dobbiaco, you'll find:

information about the magnificent natural wilderness and cultural region
information about the "Dolomite Front" in World War I
an "Adventure Workshop," aquarium, and multi-vision shows
a "Forest Adventure Trail" with the "Forest Wonderland," the Celtic "tree horoscope," and the "tree village"